Question Answer Song | Saudi National Day 92

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Saudi National Day song 92

@Visit Saudi - The soul of Saudi Arabia

answer questions
Vocals: Abdul Majeed Abdullah
Words / Prince Abdul Rahman bin Musaed
melodies / shares
Arranged by / Bashar Sultan
Strings / Tamer Ghoneim
Percussions / Ahmed Al-Anwa
Guitar / Rocket
Nay / Ahmed Khairy
Law / Sharif Kamel
Coral / Kuwait Share Group
Sound Engineering / Eng. Mohamed Essmat
Mix and Master / m. Jasem Mohammed

It is the answer to the questions if you are curious
It is the love of hearts, our spring in all seasons

It is the blood of our veins, it is our rain and our lightning
She called us answered and she agrees to accept

Our pride was our pride, and our pride was our pride
In the purest parts of Mecca, the mosque and the resting place of the Prophet

Majd Abu Turki and his men conquer impossibility
Glory is past, glory to come, glory that knows no fading

Obedience to you, the kiss of your prayers, your honor, and the strongest of your prayers
Your beginning and your end, which are your branches and assets

Your depth, the formation of yourself, and what is entrenched in your memories
It is your childhood, youth, and age, no matter how long it is

Your achievement is as if you excelled and your planted that you have planted
It is your morning, it is your comfort, it is your success in reaching

The sumptuous mud of the houses and the lofty zari al-Bashout
Confident people rule a difference with cream from the actions

It is the refuge of the hired person and the vision of a seasoned expert
An inspiring, enlightened thought, with hearts and minds behind it

Saying it the house of the poem did it a useful sentence
Far from their lies, its glory is far from it

They are the beginnings of love, they are the doors of loved ones
It is the medicine of pain, and its medicine is the summaries of the solutions

We praise Al-Muti and we have gone to Saudi Arabia
No, by God, we have not lied, being true to what we say

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